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The midwives at Obgyne Birthing Center for Natural Deliveries are committed to providing comprehensive care and education to our clients. As Holistic Women’s Wellness is of key importance, our midwives are unique in their experiences as they provide care based on both natural alternatives and modern medicine.

Our midwives are committed to assisting you in having the birth that you envision, empowering you to make the best decision for you and your baby(ies). In labor and delivery, sometimes surprises arise yet our midwives are equipped to counter the unexpected with supportive measures that may be both homeopathic or pharmaceutical. We’re Here for You:

  • Well Woman Care and Gynecology
  • Preconception Planning
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Labor and Birth Care
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Water Birth
  • Postpartum Care
  • Motherhood Support Group
  • Dads Support Group

Well Woman Care and Gynecology

We provide at our birthcenter personalized and compassionate routine well women care, preventive care, annual assessments which includes physicals, screenings, evaluations, counseling, immunizations based on age and risk factors of patients, exams - breast exam, pelvic exam and the pap test, blood pressure, HIV testing, and other laboratory tests such as urinalysis, CBC (Complete blood count) and other general gynecologic conditions.

The well-woman examination by a medical professional is recommended at least once a year to women over 18 years old and/or women who are sexually active. Its importance lies in identifying potential early health problems. The procedure is important also to detect certain cancers, especially breast and cervical cancer. A well-woman visit provides an excellent opportunity to get counselling about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing health risks.

Preconception Planning

Preconception planning can help you and your partner understand how to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy. A preconception appointment is especially important if you're in your 30s or 40s or you have any chronic health conditions or special concerns. It generally includes a pre-conception risk assessment for any potential complications of pregnancy as well as modifications of risk factors, such as increasing folic acid intake to reduce the risk of neural tube defects and counseling on smoking cessation, alcohol reduction and medications that may compromise fetal development.

Physicians, midwives and baby experts recommend that a woman visit them as soon as the woman is contemplating having a child, and optimally around 3 to 6 months before actual attempts are made to conceive. An apparently healthy woman can carry diseases which do not cause symptoms, but which can have serious consequences if left untreated during pregnancy. Screening a woman’s blood before or during pregnancy allows a doctor to identify conditions which have the potential to adversely impact on her health, or the health of her developing baby (foetus).

Pregnancy Care

Getting good care before, during, and after your pregnancy is very important. It can help your baby grow and develop and keep you both healthy. It is the best way to be sure your little one gets a head start on a healthy life. Good prenatal care includes good nutrition and health habits before and during pregnancy. Ideally, you should talk with us before you start trying to become pregnant. We conduct different tests that can help us see how your baby is developing and if there are any problems with your pregnancy.

We provide for all your pregnancy and childbirth needs including prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum services. Talk to us about any medicines you take. This includes over-the-counter medicines. You should only take medicines your provider says are safe to take while you are pregnant. Talk to us on how to manage common pregnancy complaints such as: Morning sickness, aches and pains during pregnancy, sleeping, skin and hair changes, early vaginal bleeding, and if you have a high-risk pregnancy, we will conduct additional tests to help with the pregnancy.

Labor and Birth Care

Your labor and delivery care is always supervised by an experienced obstetrician from the beginning of your pregnancy and supported by our 100-percent registered nursing staff that are highly experienced in labor and delivery. Your nurse will provide you with personalized care and attention. You can also consider whether you’d like to bring a birth coach or doula, your spouse or birth partner and other support staff.

There are various types of labor conditions our expertise staff are well equipped to handle including Rapid Labor - which is characterized by labor that can last as little as 3 hours and is typically less than 5 hours, Back labor refers to back pain that women feel during labor, Prolonged labor is also known as failure to progress. It can occur during the latent or active phase of giving birth. Crowning takes place when the baby’s head remains visible without slipping back in as you are pushing during birth, etc.

Breastfeeding Support

The midwives at Obgyne Birthing Center provide excellent breastfeeding support - from helping you with you sore nipples, oversupply of breast milk, sharing the bed with your baby, reflux, difference between breast milk & formula, fast let-down, fussy breastfed, nursing bras, pumping breast milk and so on.

While breastfeeding comes easily to some mums and babies, many others need extra help. However, there’s lots you can do to prevent problems developing and get breastfeeding off to a good start. Our midwives are committed to assisting you and baby in this regard.

Water Birth

A water birth means at least part of your labor, delivery, or both happen while you’re in a birth pool filled with warm water. Our natural homelike birthing center is equipped with warm water birthing tubs & pools & accessoceries etc.

Water births help reduce the stress of labor and delivery will reduce fetal complications.A warm bath might help you relax and help you feel more in control. Floating in water helps you move around more easily than in bed, too. Keep you from needing anesthesia, Help ease pain, Speed up your labor. Water birth here at our birth center is always under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum (or postnatal) care begins immediately after the birth of a child as the mother's body, including checking hormone levels and uterus size, and returning the mother to a non-pregnant state. The terms puerperium or puerperal period, or immediate postpartum period are commonly used to refer to the first six weeks following childbirth & it is the most critical and yet the most neglected phase in the lives of mothers and babies.

Our midwives are committed to assisting in providing you with the very best postpartum care which includes - getting enough rest for you & your baby, keeping your feet raised to prevent swelling in your legs, making you eat healthy meals that include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, warm bath treatment to relieve vaginal discomfort, lose baby weight, prevent postpartum depression, exercise etc.

Motherhood Support Group

Motherhood groups offer the opportunity to meet other new moms and babies. Some groups are purely social while others offer educational topics and guest speakers. Some groups are sponsored by organizations such as churches, exercise facilities, hospitals, and community centers etc. At Obgyne Birthing Center for Natural Deliveries, we provide a wide selection of motherhood support groups and classes for all categories of mothers. Pls contact us for more information.

Dads Support Group

The Dads Support Group is here for any dad, father needing support while dealing with being a new parent. Dads Support groups at our birth center are informal, and exist to provide support to your wife throughout the pregnancy period especially after childbirth. Pls contact us for more information.

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